Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This is a product that looks to be taking advantage of the hype. On the web site it doesn't say what is in it to kill bed bugs, but it does offer a money back guarantee. I suppose anything is worth a try these days if you are plagued with this problem. Remember to always follow the label of any chemical before using it. Safety First. If anyone has ever tried this product leave a comment and let us know.

Monday, August 07, 2006


One cool product that can be useful in the bar or club scene is the Fly Web. It is an ultraviolet fly light that can be plugged into a wall socket and is small enough to fit under the bar or anywhere there is a fruit fly or small fly problem. Perfect for anywhere it is needed and small enough to hide where it can't be seen.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Apicide, Tempo Dust, Dusts in general.

Apicide and other insecticide dusts are generally used for treating wall voids and other areas where there is a low or no flow of air that could disturb the dust. Insecticide dusts are also very effective for treating bees, wasps, and hornets in wall voids. The entrance where the bees are entering, whether is be a hornets nest entrance or the entrance to a wall, can be dusted.
The bees track this dust deep inside the nest killing the bees as they brush up against the "infested" bee or as the bees groom each other, etc. These dusts are sold in "do it yourself" stores or in "do it yourself" web stores, also any hardware store may stock a brand of dust for this purpose.
Sidenote- Treating for bees is very VERY dangerous and most times are left to the professionals. Also using dusts can be risky in general so before using them or any chemical be sure to read the label!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Flea Control Products

There are many flea control products out there today that both prevent and eliminate flea infestations. There are products that are beneficial to the pet as well as the pet owner.
For our pets there is the old stand by frontally for cats and dogs. This product acts as an insect growth regulator which basically prevents any flea that is present on the animal to reproduce. As we all know, you usually don't just have a few fleas in the house, it's more like flea hell and they attack unmercifully. So this product is definitely a good one for fido or buffy.

Flea traps are a novel idea as they can tell you if there is a flea problem lurking in the background waiting to pounce! It mimics certain light patterns that trigger a flea to hop onto the host, relating in the flea getting caught on the gluetrap. Cheap and logical equipment for the pet lovers home.

Flea foggers-word of caution-always read the label when fogging for fleas. Flea foggers are probably the fasted and most effective treatment for fleas. If you are going to invest in foggers then make sure they have a growth regulator in them. Some foggers are just a contact killer and this will not work long term. Look for the word "methoprene" This is a very effective growth regulator for fleas.

The old stand bys include-flea collars, flea dunks, flea shampoo, flea powder. They even have novelty combs that zap the fleas dead while not harming your pet.

One thing to do before any flea treatment is vacuum like a madman and throw the vacuum bag outside after the vacuuming. This will help the treatment 90 percent.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Mosquitoes are bad this year. With the rainy summer we've had these buggers are breeding like there's no tomorrow! Mosquitoes are controlled best by draining puddles and keeping areas as dry as possible, but when you're at a picnic you don't want to come home looking like the mosquitoes used you for a pin cushion. There are several repellent ou there with the ingredient Deet in them that work well, then there are the bug zappers of old that kill anything that will fly into it, and then there is a newer product that incorporates the natural attractors of carbon dioxide that your body releases that draws the mosquitoes to you and it also imitates the body's heat by emitting a warmth from the trap, then the unsuspecting insect gets sucked into the trap via a vacuum. These traps are very expensive and there are several models on the market, but some find it worth the price especially if you entertain a lot outside.

Yellow Jacket Trap

The end of summer means bees and wasps. This yellow jacket trap is easy to use and can help reduce some of those bothersome bees while having that end of summer barbecue. Just fill it with juice and keep the traps away from any human activity. If you are picnicking in the yard then hang a few along the fence line. You get the point.


Sterifab is a alcohol based product that works very effectively against bedbugs as well as a host of other organisms that are unwanted in the world. It's a contact killer that comes in 3 different sizes that has a very liberal label as far as where is can be applied. You can spray it right on the mattress. It is a contact killer so there is no residual. You can check them out and read testimonials at www.sterifab.com


Eaton's Bed Bug Killer is a quart sized ready to use spray used mostly as a follow up to a bed bug treatment to kill any re-emerging bed bugs. It is an oli based contact killer so there is no residual and becasue it is oil based you have to be careful where you spray it. It seems to be getting good review on the web. One of the few products out there specifically for the little buggers.