Sunday, April 20, 2008

Waspbane Wasp Trap

Wasps and Bees are a big problem during the warm months when people just want to have a good time outside at their picnics. Waspbane Wasp Trap is looking to help us along the way in the control of bees and wasps. This wasp trap can be used all season long and it's unique design is evident.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules

When dealing with termite control it is wise to incorporate a few control measures into your attack. One product that has done well for people is Termite Granules. This product can be placed around fence posts...along the perimeter of a house...where rail road ties are used for gardening...things like that. Bayer has been a name trusted in termite control for a long time. Their granule system is a good tool to incorporate in my opinion. As the label.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Red and Black Bugs

It's time for the red, orange and black bugs that are called box elder bugs to invade our homes and lives! These pesky bugs seems to be everywhere and when they make their way indoors many people panic. They are more damaging dead then alive. Mostly because people roll up a newspaper and squash them which leaves a red and black stain on the surface that is hard to take up. The best thing to do it simply suck them up with your vacuum hose. If you have a great deal of them outside then mix up some soapy hot water and spray them down. This should kill them. Good Luck.

Advance Termite Bait

Termite baits have been on the market long enough now to get a good idea of their effectiveness. One bait that seems to come up as a good producer of results is Advance Termite Bait from Whitmire. These baits are sold to professionals, but as always, if you look on the web you can most likely find a DIY website that has this product. I will have to say that I am an advocate of using professionals in termite control, but even if you had a professional come out you can at least request they use this bait in their control program.