Thursday, January 25, 2007


Provoke Mouse Attractant

Provoke is a product for mice that is used for catching mice on snap traps and glue boards instead of peanut butter or other baits. It is specially formulated by Bell and is producing good results. Mice are running for it like it is prime rib! Just a little dab will do ya. Place a dab on the snap trap trigger and let provoke do the rest. This is a great product to find online at your favorite DIY pest control product website.


New product being offered in bed bug control as well as other insects using the freeze method where a carbon dioxide snow is used to freeze the bugs to death. It's being marketed as an environmentally friendly devise and some of the big companies are trying it out. This is not a do it yourself product but it is an interesting concept.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Bell lab's new product provoke is the hottest thing since sliced bread when it comes to catching mice! It was formulated to be the most attractive food source for mice and the reports are it's working like a charm. You don't have to be afraid to bait your snap traps with provoke in sensitive areas because it is hyper-allergenic. Peanut butter allergies? Forget about it! Provoke comes in a easy to use squeeze bottle, just put a dab of it on your snap traps, gluetraps or tin cats!