Friday, January 11, 2008

Pest control products distributors

Ever wonder where professionals go to buy their pest control products? There are several distributors that only sell to professionals or require a license to buy product from. In fact, there are a few products that the state will require a license as it is a law. These products are called restricted use products. Things like mouse tracking powder is on this list. As far as distributors that will distribute only to professionals businesses like Univar USA and Residex come to mind. Many will sell to both professionals but won't turn away another business or person looking for product. Lesco is a company that sells to pest control companies as well as golf courses. Sub-distributors will sometimes sell to the public.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


So you are afraid of having a rat swim up your soil pipe and make his way to your toilet. How would that be for a surprise on dark night when you lift the toilet lid! This is a problem that arises every so often, especially in old row homes that have toilets in their basements. There is a product that will work to exclude the rat from entering your toilet and it is called the Rat Guard, rat toilet excluder, or toilet flap. You snap it into the bottom of the toilet and it flaps down when you flush letting the waste leave the bowel and then flap up when the water fills back into the toilet, making it difficult for a rat to enter. They are hard to find these days, but if you scour the Internet I am sure you will come up with one.