Friday, June 27, 2008

Japanese Beetle Trap

Traps for Japanese Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. They are fantastic to help control these pesky and destructive pests. One trap that comes to mind is the Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle trap. It is a four sided construction and it's yellow color attracts the beetles over. It is vented to allow the dead and rotting beetle smell to dissipate and not compete with the bait inside, a very important feature. This and any Japanese Beetle Trap can be found on any do it yourself pest control website. These websites are where you can find the products the professional pest control operators buy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Talpirid Mole Control

Looking to kill moles. Do you want to evict moles from your lawn? I still say that one of the best products on the market is TALPIRID. The professionals use this product and if used correctly, can be your best bet for the control of moles in your lawn. But it online at any of the do it yourself pest control products web sites. Happy Hunting.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mosquito Magnet

The mosquito magnet and other products like it have hit the market hard. You can get them online or even in your local Home Center. These products can be very expensive or relatively reasonable, depending on where you buy them and what area you are trying to cover, but there is no doubt about it, they work. The magnet attracts the mosquitoes in using the same gas your body throws off and once they get close enough it sucks them in. Of course they won't eliminate every mosquito in the city, but it will definitely knock down the population and make your outside pick nick more enjoyable.