Sunday, June 22, 2008

Talpirid Mole Control

Looking to kill moles. Do you want to evict moles from your lawn? I still say that one of the best products on the market is TALPIRID. The professionals use this product and if used correctly, can be your best bet for the control of moles in your lawn. But it online at any of the do it yourself pest control products web sites. Happy Hunting.

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Anonymous said...

Talpirid is very effective WHEN it is used exactly as directed. Moles are very sensitive and if they feel something is up they will avoid the bait. Read and follow the directions exactly as written. wear vinyl gloves when handling the bait and do not fertilize your yard or spray any other chemical in the area while using the bait. If after reading the directions you are unsure about the application call the manufacturer or the company that sold you the Talpirid. Talpirid does take 3-5 days to actually kill the mole after it is consumed.

You can purchase Talpirid at

You can also read the full product label, the MSDS, and the trouble shooting hints and tips to successful mole baiting here.