Saturday, August 02, 2008


Precor 200 is an effective defense against fleas with the active ingredients being the adulticide permethrin and the insect growth regulator methoprene. This works as a one two punch killing adult fleas and breaking the life cycle with the immature stages. This professional pest control product can be found on most online do it yourself pest control products website or in your local hardware store.

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Precor 2000 offers both an insecticide and an insect growth regulator. We really like this product because there is no mixing and measuring, it comes ready to use and it gets rid of the exposed biting adults fast. Don't forget that you must vacuum very thoroughly every day for several weeks while combating fleas. Pay special attention to those places where you pet hangs out jumps down off of furniture. If you have indoor/outdoor pets you may also have to treat your yard with a concentrated liquid insecticide.

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