Friday, October 03, 2008

Catchmaster mouse glue traps

Winter time means mice and one way to catch mice is with the use of glue traps. I always felt the best brand of mouse traps was catchmaster brand glue boards. Place them out in areas you think mice a re frequenting or will visit if they come in.


Anonymous said...

There`s a new kid on the block called mousemesh.

Anonymous said...

I used Catchmaster Baited mouse glue boards. It let it got away. Only its fur is stick on the board. Also, it ate some of the glue board.

Anonymous said...

Mouse glue boards work well for MICE not rats. So if ever in doubt go for the Rat sized glue boards. If a mouse is able to get off the board it usually because 1. the board is dusty or 2. the glue is too cold. If the boards tend to get dusty then try folding them the way they show in the picture. If they get too cold try using the cold weather glue board Catchmaster 48WRG Cold Temperature Glue Board Traps. If they are still able to get off you probably have rats not mice. You can purchase these glue boards at