Sunday, January 25, 2009

Termidor. Good. Bad.

I still say that termidor is one of the best products out there for termite elimination today. I still have fresh in my head the story I heard at a seminar when they said the termite job that was done on a home also killed the colony several yards away that was feeding on a fire wood pile. Good Stuff.


Anonymous said...

I have also had good experiences with Termidor for perimeter treatments. I would recommend it to anyone.

Karl The Bugman
Envirocare Pest Solutions

Rob said...

Best stuff on the market

Anonymous said...

Termidor is in my opinion the most effective termite product on the market. It lasts longer and has a higher transfer rate than all of the other products on the market. I must say that Termidor is also the best for carpenter ants too!
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and do your own termite treatment at home.