Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Terro Ant Gel

One of the best products out there for ants in my opinion is terro ant bait. This product does the job of attracting the ants to it and later on that indigestion they are feeling will kill them. Great ant product!


Anonymous said...

Ill have to give this ant Gel a try.

Karl the Bug Man
EnviroCare Pest Solutions

carolyn said...

All of the TERRO ant killer products are awesome! Try the Liquid Ant Baits - your ant problem will be a thing of the past.

Pest Control Finder said...

It helps if you place the gel near the ant trail - but you must be careful and watch to dogs and children who might also eat the gel.

Anonymous said...

Liquid and Gel ant baits offer 2 things to ants. A moisture source as well as a food source-carbohydrates. These will work well if the ants are in a sweet feeding cycle. Do not spray cleaners or other insecticides in the same area where you place the baits. Do place near the ant trail but not in the middle of the ant trail. If the ants do not accept the ant bait you may want to try an ant bait granule such as Maxforce ant bait granule. You can purchase these at