Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kill boxelders dead

Looking for the perfect silver bullet to get rid of those pesky box elder bugs that seem to over take the sunny side of your building or home? Well I wish I could deliver, but I can't. This problem needs to be dealt with by good old fashioned elbow grease. Inside you need to vacuum them away, outside you need to spray them down with soapy water. Mix up a cup or two of cloths detergent in a gallon sprayer, lightly mix so not to get over run by suds, and spray away. Get them as they cluster in clumps and watch as they fall away dead. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Thats a interesting way to kill boxelders. I am going to give it a try sometime.

Karl the BugMan
EnviroCare Pest Solutions.
Columbus Ohio Pest Control

Anonymous said...

You can also start treating BEFORE they become a real problem. Most regions have a certain time of year when pests such as the box elder bug start trying to make their way indoors looking fro a place to overwinter. This usually starts in September. Try using a wettable powder such as Demon WP or a micr-encapsulated product such Onslaught. Be sure to spray all door frames and window frames, any place where utilities enter into the house, soffits, vents and any other crack or crevice where the insects can squeeze in. Pay special attention to South and East facing walls where these insects tend to spend the most time absorbing the suns rays. Remember to start early BEFORE the insects join you indoors. Once that happens you are stuck without any real means of control.

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